How to Prevent Mesothelioma Developed Due to Asbestos at Workplace

If people are exposed to asbestos then there is risk of developing mesothelioma and many other kinds of diseases, which are asbestos related. However, people think that there is no escape in case you are exposed to asbestos. Mentioned below are few ways that helps you prevent or at least lower the risk of developing such problem.

If you look at old buildings built in the last century you will find that asbestos was an integral part of most of the buildings constructed during those periods. Even today, you can find plenty of buildings in the USA, where asbestos was used. In addition to that in many chemical and power plants, shipyards and automotive industries, it is very common to find asbestos.

Earlier people were not aware that asbestos can also be the reason for certain cancers and diseases like mesothelioma. However, if you go through the official website related to this disease, you will find that exposure to asbestos is one of the main reasons for this disease.

In the year 1970, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) dictated certain norms about the use of asbestos. OSHA also recommends the organization where asbestos is used to test the air periodically so that the presence of asbestos levels remain below 0.1 fibers per cc during working hours.

Besides that, OSHA also directs the entire employers to take following responsibilities so that their workers remain protected from over exposure to asbestos –

  • Regularly monitor the air quality and keep their record
  • Regularly assess the different kinds of risks that can happen due to presence of asbestos.
  • Regularly communicate with the workers to create awareness about dangers from asbestos.
  • Develop suitable work practices in the works so that there is minimum exposure to asbestos
  • Arrangement must be provided to protect workers from respiration of asbestos by offering them suitable dress or covers.
  • Training must be provided to workers so that they can protect them from exposure to asbestos.
  • Proper medical surveillance must be provided in the plant so that suitable action may be taken to prevent exposure to asbestos.

How workers must protect themselves from asbestos exposure at their workplace

It will be advisable that one must visit the website to know various measures that people need to take to prevent them from mesothelioma. Particularly if you are working in any organization where there is presence of asbestos then you must take following measures –

  1. Bring to the notice of your employer various health risks that exists in the workplace.
  2. Avoid cutting, drilling, sawing, sanding or scraping on asbestos material.
  3. It is mandatory that you must enter your workplace with proper protective gear.
  4. Avoid carrying your work clothes or shoes that you use at the workplace to your home.
  5. If there is asbestos debris at workplace then avoid sweeping instead vacuum clean them
  6. Dispose asbestos materials as per the guidelines provided by the federal regulation.

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